Drawing on family traditions and on the experience of expert collaborators, the firm has made the charm of Botticino Classico famous all over the world, realizing extraordinary accomplishments.

Between the late 1800s and the early 1900s the Lombardi family, currently represented by Virginia and her son Davide, was the owner of important Botticino marble quarries, from which blocks were extracted for the execution of important works such as:

– the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II in Rome (Altar of the Fatherland);
– the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco;
– the Town Hall in Vienna;
– the Monument to Gen. Miguel Gomez in Havana, Cuba;
– the Head quarter of OMS in Geneva;
– the Sultan’s Palace in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;
– the Shopping center Singapore Goldhill;
– the Court of Appeal of Brescia;
– the New Palagiustizia of Brescia (construction year 2002);
– Malls and large hotels in China, Libya and Oman.

The company currently operates in the domestic and overseas market with the sale of raw material (blocks), semi-finished material (slabs and floors) and finished products (cut-to-size and architectural designs). Direct access to quarries and a selection of high quality allow for technologically advanced projects and large dimensions.

The main operating markets are: India, Lebanon, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Emirates, Oman, Brazil, Russia.

Our firm was also officially chosen in 2012 by the English Common Wealth, as sthe upplier of the headstones of the fallen British.