We must start from far away to understand the extensive history of our MARBLE BOTTICINO CLASSIC. The first to understand its qualities were the Romans, who used this material for construction in the ancient Brixia (e.g. the Roman Forum), monuments whose fascinating beauty we can still admire today. In more recent times the Botticino marble was used for famous buildings, such as for example the Altar of the Fatherland in Rome, a project tackled by the LOMBARDI FAMILY between 1885 and 1911, the White House in Washington, the Statue of Liberty and the Central Station of New York. The extreme compactness, with low values of absorption and porosity, makes the MARBLE BOTTICINO CLASSIC suitable for outdoor uses and determines its mechanical characteristics such as resistance to compression, flexion and wear. For its unquestionable beauty and its great qualities of strength, it is therefore considered a valuable marble.

Besides these exceptional technical qualities, Botticino marble is famous worldwide for its elegance and for the natural harmony it can be used together with other materials in important projects.

The production coming from the quarries operated by the Lombardi family has always been obtained using methods of excavation not involving, if not needed for security reasons, the use of explosives. In this way the material remains healthy and compact, the waste is reduced to a minimum and the nature of the mountains is respected.

The use of the most recent machinery and advanced control systems enable our operators to safety work  and to reach great goals in quantity and quality extraction.

With the development of new markets and worldwide connections, in recent years the firm Lombardi Marmi has signed contracts with the quarries in the valleys surrounding the town of Botticino, in order to acquire within their production not only MARBLE BOTTICINO CLASSIC, but also BOTTICINO SEMICLASSICO and BOTTICINO FIORITO.

The main objective of the company LOMBARDI has always been to provide the best quality MARBLE BOTTICINO CLASSIC, respecting the nature of this extraordinary basin that will keep giving us this fantastic material for a long time .